Certification Manager Add-on

Tracking Continuing Education (CE) credits couldn't be easier!

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MOSAIC™ Certification Manager is an iMIS integrated add-on to the powerful MOSAIC™ 365 App.

It's the only way to simplify the complicated process of tracking your members' continued education (CE) credits after they attend your conference or educational events.

Easily Manager Multiple Sessions

MOSAIC™ Certification Manager is an iMIS integrated software that allows attendees to organize all CE sessions right from one app. Attendees will be able to build and review their CE lineup by searching, adding or removing CE sessions from their personal conference schedule – making it easy to keep up with last minute changes.

Track CE Credits Immediately After a Session

MOSAIC™ Certification Manager, a CEU credit tracker for iMIS, allows attendees to track their continued education credits directly from their smartphones as they attend session after session of your event. This feature enables your attendees to be constantly aware of the immense value each of your sessions and further improves their learning experience.

Complete Evaluations Quickly Online

We all know the important role CE credits play in your members’ careers so making it easy matters. With our Continued education tracking software, there will be no more fuss for members as they try to figure out how to complete their evaluations for CE credit after the event. Participants will be able to complete their CE evaluations and claim their credits even before the conference is over!

Print or Email  
Digital CE Certificate

The most unique feature of MOSAIC™ Certification Manager is that participants get to receive a digital certificate, which they can view, print, and email immediately after submission and subsequent approval of their claimed credits. This feature adds to an enjoyable conference experience by allowing members to get visible acknowledgment for the robust information that acquired during your conference.

Plus! A Detailed Analytics Dashboard

Our easy-to-use dashboard helps you see and understand the entire certification process at a glance. Our Continuing Education (CE) tracker will provide you with the data and statistics on evaluations, the number of credits claimed, credits approved, and so on. This data will allow you to continuously evaluate the certification process even before the conference is over.

Secure Cloud-based 
Storage and iMIS Integration

You never have to worry about losing your important client information or it being out of reach when you need it most. Cloud-based storage allows you to have access to your full database anywhere, on any device. Best of all, iMIS integration helps ensure that every piece of data is perfectly in place long after the event.