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Member Engagement 

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Easily Manage Multiple Events

As a membership organization, there are always numerous events throughout the year that you don’t want your members to miss out on. Unlike event apps, our mobile app for iMIS allows you to create and manage an unlimited number of events, from annual conferences to local chapter meetings and social gatherings, basically anything on your calendar. Put an end to event registration companies that charge per event. MOSAIC™ 365 allows your members to be constantly informed about the past, current and upcoming events.

Users will have access to...

  • Information about the event- registration dates, session details, speaker bios, exhibitor’s list, etc
  • Interactive maps that guide attendees through exhibit and session halls
  • Event registration
  • Attractive splash pages of your sponsors

Send Instant Alerts

With push notifications, MOSAIC™ 365 allows you to send text-based alerts about legislation, renewals, donation needs and much more directly to your member’s mobile devices at no cost, as long as they have Internet access.

Best of all, your members are more likely to read your alerts, as they won't be lost amidst all the many emails, messages, and other notifications.

Unlimited Revenue Potential

MOSAIC™ 365 allows you to take advantage of sponsorships, in-app advertising, and other creative avenues within the app to generate non-dues revenue.

Our association app wins the event app comparison by a huge mile as it allows for more partnership opportunities with sponsors and significant revenue generation in the absence of events.

In fact, MOSAIC™ 365 could pay for itself through sponsorship revenue.

Quick & Easy Membership Renewals

The lengthy nature of the membership renewal process is what delays members from renewing immediately. But with MOSAIC™ 365 you no longer need to wait for members to respond to your membership renewal email. You can send push notifications to their devices, and members can renew instantly whenever and wherever..

The features are limitless!

Connect Members Easily

Members can easily find one another and network through our directory module. If you choose, we can include a full membership list that contains the contact information of all members in alphabetical order, through which members can search by zip code or by proximity. 

Locator Services

MOSAIC™ 365 allows location-based access to events, members, affiliates, chapters or branches. Members can search based on their location or zip code. Event location can be viewed graphically on a map with directions. The contact information for inquiries can also be made available for each event.

Member Engagement

As a membership organization, the activity and participation of your members is paramount for sustainability and progress. Our mobile app for iMIS allows you to be top of  your members' mind all the time - increasing their involvement and keep them up to date with the latest events, industry news and resources.

Profile Updates

With MOSAIC™ 365, members don’t have to login into your website before they can update their profile. Our mobile app for iMIS allows users to manage their profile content and update contact information, job status, and any demographic information with ease. Members can view their membership cards and renew when due. This page can also be customized to get non-members to join the organization.

Highly Recommended

We use it for our events, as a member portal for news, profile updates and membership rosters. Integration with iMIS is seamless.We love it!

Pamela H.R.
Industrial Research Institute

Trusted and Reliable

Many reputable donor-based and membership organizations have tried MOSAIC™ 365 to help manage their affairs, and they have not been disappointed. We have delivered convenience, value, and incredible results on all fronts and we don't plan to stop soon. Through iMIS integration, you can be sure that we will help you streamline your events, improve your member engagement and offer value that exceeds your members’ expectations.