OnSight Check-In 

Wow your attendees with a memorable event experience!

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MOSAIC™ OnSight Check-In is an innovative check-in app with full iMIS integration that simplifies event management.

It offers an interactive self-service registration solution that eliminates the cumbersomeness of a manual registration check-in process

Great First Impression

There is no better way for an organization to showcase itself as forward-thinking than to employ association event apps that make life easier. Your messy and error-prone check-in process will be replaced by a digital and modern approach that will enable you to track all attendees. Making use of MOSAIC™ OnSight Check-In is the best way to show your attendees that your event promises to be a fantastic experience.

Flexible Badge Printing

With MOSAIC™ OnSight Check-In, custom guest badges can be printed with the press of a button. They no longer have to jump through hoops to pick up their correct badge. Better yet, they can also correct any errors directly in the app!

Quick OnSite 
Check-in Process

Most conference attendees are usually excited upon arrival, especially when a major keynote speaker is about to take the main stage. The last thing they want is to have to wait in long lines at the registration desk. MOSAIC™ OnSight Check-In offers a quick and interactive way to get your attendees checked-in and seated in no time. Its 4-step on-site registration process is simple and makes long lines nonexistent.

Self-Service Equals 
Fewer Staff Hours

MOSAIC™ OnSight Check-In is easy to use and doesn’t require endless hours for staff training. In fact, our check-in app easily allows event planners to set up self-service check-in kiosks with the aid of a kiosk stand, iPad Air 2, and printer. This self-service option allows you to get rid of unnecessary employee work hours and have fewer manned registration desks.

Save money & gather leads!

Cost-Effective Solution

In event management, it’s important to stay on a budget. Our check-in app helps you ensure you get immense value without spending much. With a kiosk set-up that requires only a kiosk stand, an iPad Air 2 and a printer, MOSAIC™ OnSight Check-In offers an inexpensive and effective solution that cuts down the hassle of bulky kiosk rentals and liability contracts. Eliminating the need of resorting to kiosk rentals or assigning staff to the registration desk.

Modern Lead Collection Method

Gone are the days of collecting hundreds of business cards at your exhibitor booth. MOSAIC™ OnSight Check-In puts an end to exchanging business cards with a potential client only to forget to follow up after the event. Our check-in app modernizes your exhibit booth with an interactive way to gather pertinent contact information for those that want to stay in touch – effortlessly.

Secure Cloud-based 
Storage and iMIS Integration

You never have to worry about losing your important client information or it being out of reach when you need it most. Cloud-based storage allows you to have access to your full attendee list anywhere, on any device. Best of all, iMIS integration helps ensure that every piece of data is perfectly in place long after the event.